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Text and Photos: Gunther Stoschek

After years of drought, the long-awaited rain finally poured steadily over the entire Khomas Highland. Within hours, bone-dry riverbeds were transformed into roaring floods which cut off a whole series of farms from the outside world for several days. It was not until the middle of April that the rain stopped and, with the return of its usual sunny weather, this region of Namibia flourished once again. On the flight into Windhoek, we could clearly see the spurt in vegetation growth that had taken place within the span of just a few days. The once reddish-brown earth and grey undergrowth were now blanketed in the deepest green.

Guests reside in comfortable chalets that encircle the main building.
Five chalets accommodate a maximum of ten guests; a quiet and relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed.
Stylish elegance, comfortable amenities, and perfect discreet service: You can’t help but feel at ease at Sney Rivier!
Even the swimming pools are never crowded.

Even the Sney Rivier Lodge with its unobtrusive, stylish elegance was now almost hidden among the deep green trees and bushes. Although the lodge and the area around it radiate an incomparable charm even during the dry season, they now gave one the impression of being in a giant botanical garden.

It is not easy to make out game hidden in the verdant bush, but the professional hunters have a practiced eye for it. In any case, a careful stalk promises nothing but thrills.
Test firing before the start of the hunt is mandatory. For those who choose not to bring their own rifles, the Sney Rivier Lodge offers a large selection of Blaser R8 rifles.

The other guests had arrived a few days before we did, and were already enjoying the flair of Namibia in green. Travelers from Canada, Bulgaria and northern Germany were already on their second or third holidays here at Sney Rivier. It was revealed during the evening social hour that the wives had in fact talked their husbands into making another trip here. On the one hand, it seemed odd for the wives to have inspired their husbands to take a hunting trip here, but on the other hand it is completely understandable once one has experienced how harmonious a Sney Rivier holiday together can be.
Those who have learned to value Namibia’s natural beauty, perfect quiet, stylish accommodations and first-class, unobtrusive service will always enjoy perfect satisfaction. But there is one thing that hunters must realize: After a long rainy season, the dense green vegetation makes for a very demanding hunt. The game finds plenty to graze on everywhere, so it does not need to range nearly as far and wide as it does during the dry season. And, of course, the game is much harder to make out when it is concealed in the dense green bush. The numerous giraffes, whose long necks stick far above the undergrowth, are about the only thing that can be seen in the distance with the naked eye. Stalking close for old kudu and eland bulls is even more thrilling. Even the most experienced and world-wise professional hunters can’t help but feel an indescribable fever for the hunt.

A surprise encounter with a nice sable antelope.
What could be nicer than to enjoy a beer, whisky, or glass of wine in a congenial group while sharing the experiences of the day?

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