Fun and Excitement GUARANTEED

Text: Staff, Photos: Markus Gemeinder, Nicole Rabanser

750 participants over the course of four weekends more than fulfilled the organizers’ expectations for 2018. With a total of over 60,000 clay targets thrown, the shooting schedule was tough but morale was higher because of it.

This is exactly the atmosphere that the Blaser Cup was founded to create. You will find no grimly executed competition between seasoned old-timers here, but rather a diverse experience for all hunters and huntresses who enjoy shotgun shooting. It is therefore ideal for practice shooting and for gathering fresh experiences in an informal environment. Good tips from the more experienced shooters come at no extra charge!

The mood is great among Blaser’s organizers, too!
How many hits will we get? Squad 21 on its way to the next stand.
First use of his brand-new F16 at the 2018 Blaser Cup.
The mood is great among Blaser’s organizers, too!
The Blaser team lies at the feet of the winners of the Ladies’ Category.
Besides the desirable Cup trophies, many other valuable prizes are raffled off.

Don’t forget that this is also a great time to converse with like-minded folks and refresh old acquaintanceships or make new ones. The intentionally relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the Blaser Cup can almost lead participants to forget that they are in the middle of a shooting competition!

In any case, all involved look forward to 2019 since that is when the Blaser Cup celebrates it 10-year jubilee anniversary. All are welcome next year, too!



To your guns, ready, shoot! Experience many thrilling hours with us once again at the 2019 Blaser Cup. All male and female participants are automatically registered for the raffle of valuable merchandise worth over 15,000 Euros. Details at