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Photos: Rolf Brenner

The purveyors of warmth in the Blaser Outfits’ winter collection show what they can really do during the cold-weather season:
The GRAPHITE jacket and trousers are designed to provide you with comfort and durability along with being waterproof, windproof and insulated for the winter season. At the same time, the GRAPHITE line makes a fashion statement: Its robust outer shell, which uses the latest in high-tech materials, features a modern style and color. The VINTAGE parkas for ladies and men exude the flair of days gone by with a shell material that is reminiscent of traditional loden yet possesses all the qualities of modern high-tech materials.
An exclusive highlight of the parkas is their high-quality down filling that has excellent warming capabilities and is produced responsibly (RDS-Down Standard).

Designed for rugged use: The GRAPHITE jacket offers wear-resistant facings on the hood, shoulders, elbows and rear game pocket; the GRAPHITE trousers are outfitted with extremely tough knee and seat facings.
Made for wind and weather: VINTAGE parkas with exclusive down fill and voluminous, faux-fur-trimmed detachable hoods are available for both ladies and men.
Cut a good figure despite the down fill: The VINTAGE parkas feature close tailoring.