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For demanding shooters

Does RWS have loads that are particularly suitable for long-range practice and competition?

Yes, our Target Elite Plus line. This is handloader-quality match ammunition. We pay the closest possible attention to ensuring the optimal configuration of case, powder, bullet and primer. The result: maximum accuracy up to 1200 meters! This means that it’s optimal for long-range stages and competitions, where every millimeter counts. That is why the Target Elite Plus is available in calibers ranging from .223 Rem. to .338 Lapua.


Which bullet did RWS select for this series?

The Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT) match bullet is a proven performer. It is very accurate and has a distinctive streamlined shape. By conducting extensive test firing – much the same way a handloader would – our ballistics laboratory has found the best loadings. This is how we are able to get the maximum possible accuracy out of each caliber.

Strength lies in tranquility: If you want to shoot long and hit close, you need to relax. Taking rest breaks is part of it.

Maximum accuracy – what is that in numbers?

At a range of 300 meters, the round may not exceed a standard deviation of 25 millimeters; if it does, that manufacturing lot will not be released for sale. We are well aware that these demands are right sporting, but the test results of the Target Elite Plus demonstrate that this is attainable thanks to industrious, experienced co-workers and the world’s most modern manufacturing methods.


This match ammo is like a handload so it must be pretty expensive, right?

Those who practice a lot for competition must do a lot of shooting. That is why we pay special attention to keeping the cost attractive while at the same time making no compromises in regard to quality. A 20-round box in a standard caliber like .308 costs less than 30 Euros.

Nils Waltring at a shooting range in Croatia: “The rifle fires and the force of the recoil is transferred to the shoulder. It is not an uncomfortable feeling, more like a steady pressure since your presentation and shooting position are ideal. The pressure wave, redirected by the muzzle brake, throws up some dust to the left and right of the muzzle. With a low magnification of only 12x, I momentarily lose sight of the target at 445 meters (486 yards) but, in a fraction of a second, the reticle is back on the orange spot painted on the rock face. The air disturbance and the trajectory of the 300-grain bullet in .338 Lapua Magnum can be easily seen in the clear air. Chunks of rock blow out from the orange dot and confirm the good feeling: a hit!”

RWS has only four loadings in this line. Will the selection be expanded?

We’re pulling out all the stops to make that happen. Alongside a 10.9-gram (168-grain) HPBT in .308, more weight classes in this caliber are already in the planning stage. In addition, 6.5×55 and 6.5 Creedmoor will have a future place in our lineup.


How can I get consistently good scores at the range, even at longer distances?

It is a healthy mix of various factors. Obviously, you must start out with the right equipment: Your rifle, optics and ammo must be matched to each other, and you should have the ability to shoot tight groups at 100 meters under optimal conditions. Groups should be no larger than about 20 mm (0.78 in). If you practice regularly and keep the basic rules of ballistics in mind, good results at even greater distances will soon follow.