RWS Quick Sleeve
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Less Heat with Better Shielding

Images: SAUER, RWS, Blaser, Mauser

Shots in rapid succession heat up a silencer very quickly. The result? Mirage! That makes sighting much more difficult. Thanks to its Cordura®-reinforced outer shell, the RWS Quick Sleeve deflects heat off to the side and keeps your target clear and sharp. The high-quality neoprene also protects the silencer from damage and reduces the noise you make when accidentally bumping it against a beam while in your highseat or against a tree whilst stalking. Another pleasant side effect is that, depending on the model of silencer, the report upon firing is reduced by an additional 3 dB.

All RWS Quick Sleeve models are available from stocking dealers as well as through the RWS Online Shop at

RWS Quick Sleeve
The RWS Quick Sleeve is available in three sizes: 50 mm diameter Quick Sleeves are available for silencers 185 and 225 mm long; a 60 mm diameter is also available for silencers 225 mm long.