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Text: Staff; Photos: Gunther Stoschek

Especially in deep twilight and at night, the viewing comfort of a binocular is crucial. To put a glass to your eyes and then to instantly have everything perfectly in view is a feature that is apparently not always the rule, even with top-of-the-line optics.

By using the largest possible ocular lenses and applying completely new optical calculations, Blaser successfully delivers an extraordinarily comfortable visual experience with its new 8×56 – even in cases when the binoculars are hastily mounted and are not in the optimum position in relation to your eyes. For Blaser, it goes without saying that superior light transmission and neutral color reproduction result in brilliant, high-contrast images. Our CCC multiple layer coating (Contrast and Color Corrective Coating) ensures first-class image performance under all lighting conditions, every time. Just as important as optical quality is the protection of the outer lenses. The SLP coating (Smart Lens Protection) is based on nanotechnology and ensures water and dust protection. It also allows for rain to run off and makes cleaning the lenses significantly easier.

An important point can be especially decisive for some hunters: The Blaser 8×56 is so compact and light for a binocular of this class that it is also suitable as an all-around glass with the advantage of having the best optics available for any situation.