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For your EARS’ sake

Photos: Gunther Stoschek

In most cases, it takes time for the utility of new technologies to be acknowledged as suitable for the hunting fields. This is especially true when it comes to the hunting arms themselves. One needs only to think about the skepticism of traditional hunters toward the first large, high-magnification, light-gathering riflescopes. It is much the same with silencers, which change the overall appearance in a similar manner.
Luckily, we hunters have become more sensitive when it comes to our own health and safety. It is no coincidence that many older hunters have significantly greater hearing loss than their contemporaries who do not hunt. This has certainly accelerated their acceptance of the use of silencers for the hunt. Armed with the knowledge that a silencer not only protects their own hearing but also that of their trusty four-legged friends, it becomes much easier to warm up to the somewhat unusual appearance of a silencer-equipped rifle.

“Not only is the muzzle report significantly reduced, but the recoil is as well.”

With its new over-barrel variant, Blaser has now brought a silencer model onto the market that offers not only a functional design but also first-class sound moderation. By reducing firing noise by an average of 34.5 dB (measured in a .308 Win with a barrel length of 52 cm / 20 in), its capabilities are without a doubt in the upper range of what is technically possible. The combination of high-strength aluminum and titanium alloys makes for a very light (about 400 g / 14 oz) yet, at the same time, remarkably robust construction.
All in all, the new Blaser Over-Barrel Silencer is the ideal solution for every application. When combined with the already very short design of the R8 rifle, it results in a union that almost certainly can’t be beat.

The Over-Barrel Silencer is slipped over the muzzle about five centimeters (2 in). This shortens the overall length of the silenced rifle by a considerable amount.
Even when mounted with a silencer, the rifle remains short and handy.